Collection: ADEN SENYCIA

Aden Senycia is a mixed media artist and music producer who fuses colour with kinesis, collaging abstract shapes, textures, and experiments in formalism with graffiti, which was his first passion. Aden examines and attempts to contain universal emotional complexities, impossible worlds and the purgatory of desire through the lens of colour and shapes.

A third-culture kid with strong ties to the Ukraine, Aden spent his formative years in Oman in the Middle East, which established a lifetime quest for identity and belonging. Through his own profound sense of displacement, pursuit of community and quest for solace, he creates a spiritual home for both himself and the viewer in his compositions.

Aden successfully held his first solo art exhibition ‘Sharp Love, Slow Faint’ in mid-2023, at shopfront 740 in Melbourne, Australia. He recently completed a 15-metre-long mural at the iconic Mamma Chens in Footscray, where other examples of his work grace the walls.