Collection: LILY HSU

I like drawing nature and natural things, I think this is mainly a way that keeps me present by capturing what I see -- and it has also become a place where I get to express myself more freely. Lately, I have been drawing the periphery of my neighbours garden from my window, I think she has an interesting collection of plants.

My primary medium is charcoal , and the two works were made during a day and a night. When I was drawing the two-colours charcoal drawing, because I did it at night - I actually realised the next morning it was a dark green charcoal and not pitch black, which I feel like now - works the drawing better. The three-colours drawing ( I like to include white ), I guess you can say is an abstract way of how I captured the varying shades of the climbing green-grape vine.

Lily works in the field of landscape architecture as a practicing artist and designer at KTS studio. She has worked on an array of landscape typologies and values an art-based approach to her design aesthetic and enjoys drawing.