Describing yourself is a painful activity. Especially when trying to be positive. I went to my website for help hoping to find a bio I could cut and paste but what I had written about myself had expired. It said…and still says, “I’m pursuing dreams and noticing their inevitable morph into reality”. It’s expired because it happened. I achieved what I’d aspired to. Maybe I set my sights too low, maybe I didn’t believe I could achieve more. Whatever the case, I’m lucky enough to be able to say I’ve made a living out of shooting photos of things that I’m interested in. I started in surfing, then transitioned to music and working with brands. Regardless of the genre, the subject matter remains the same. I shoot people. I shoot lifestyle. I shoot life.  After being born in New Zealand, growing up in the Gold Coast, moving to Hawaii, then Sydney for over a decade to dial in my ‘craft’, I moved back to northern NSW for a couple of years and have recently landed in Melbourne. The city my wife calls home. The city I’ve visited countless times. The city where I’m a really small fish in a fucken big pond. The city where I give myself a new goal, to avoid becoming NULL & VOID.




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