Collection: TOBACCO RAT

In a time where technology continues to progress at an exponential rate, with something new becoming redundant within months, we find ourselves increasing and piling on e-waste as consumers. I aim to bring awareness to the growing technological waste problem facing the world by creating amazing and visually striking art that utilises almost completely recycled materials. By tapping into the vast amount of e-waste constantly being disposed of in our community, I hope to shed light on this issue and encourage sustainable practices.

To me, circuit boards embody industrial beauty; the complex patterns of circuitry and the arrangement of components create an intricate and visually captivating aesthetic. Salvaging valuable internal circuitry from e-waste, I fashion incredible cyberpunk cyborg sculptures. My intention is to inspire, engage, and prompt reflection on individual recycling practices.

My journey and experimentation with e-waste art began in 2017, evolving over the last seven years and slowly incorporating into my general practice. I started by sampling unique sounds from scrap metal for my music. Old electrical cables, various bits of scrap metal, and fixings evolved into a fusion with my passion for sci-fi and dystopian films. Today, my workspace is a shed filled with the inner workings of gadgets, modems, printers, mice, power supplies, headphones, video converters, amps, hi-fi systems, speakers, old security cameras, tape recorders, boomboxes, and more. Deconstructing technology reveals the intricacies within, and reconstructing these components is akin to solving a technological jigsaw puzzle, resulting in visually stunning outcomes.

Mindful of my environmental impact, I have previously collaborated with Decadent.Label for Melbourne Design Week, exploring themes of sustainability in fashion. Remnants of Primitive Future Bots is the first in a planned series of exhibitions featuring new and updated works addressing e-waste and further establishing my practice.